Basis Point with Jason Krugman at Long Island University's Humanities Gallery, March 2012
Video by Ben Stamper Pictures

Basis Point is about small movements influencing larger forms. Each sculpture is made using aluminum sheeting manipulated by a microcontroller and motor to create shiny loops of amoebic motion measuring up to twelve feet in height. While alternately mimicking the repetitive motion of machines or the billowing movement of a jellyfish, these sculptures display alternate possibilities of form in motion, gathering and reflecting light as they move. The term Basis Point is defined in the Dictionary of Economic Terms as, “One one-hundredth of a percentage point…small movements in the interest rate which can equate to massive exchanges of currency.” This choice of title contains oblique allusions to the current Occupy Movement and the global financial crisis, while the artwork offers a meditation on form, material, movement and the cyclical nature of change.